It’s always great to reflect on how far we’ve come. So let’s go way back to 1998 where I first learned about corrective beauty. I’ve been a makeup artist for 19 years this November and when I think back to my final for makeup school, I realized two things I wanted to share with you.

First of all, makeup changes over time but good friendships last a lifetime. My BFF aka sister Nicole was my model for my final application taught by the school of Donna Mee.  The best corrective beauty instruction in the world!

Looking at this image….mmmm…I don’t think I had figured it out!  Yet Donna said she saw my potential from Day one.  I had a caboodle of Wet N Wild, Mary Kay, and Jane cosmetics because that was all I could afford.  I did the best I could with what I had.

Corrective Beauty Lavonne Makeup Final 1998

Corrective Beauty Nicole 1998 Makeup Final


I wanted to be Sam Fine so bad, I went to every workshop, got my book signed by him, sent him a letter recorded on a cassette tape professing my admiration and I even bleached my hair, my eyebrows and I purchased colored contacts to look like the model Marie in his book…

Lavonne in 2004

Lavonne 2004

sam fine model marie

My doppelganger

Through it all, this beautiful woman is always by my side. ❤️#FineBeauty

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Sam Fine completely understood how to make women look flawless and to accentuate their features and he can highlight and contour with amazing precision.  Even in 2017 Marie still knows!  I wouldn’t leave his side either #FineBeauty!


However, I still had a way to go. I was taught to do corrective beauty. This means you take the epitome of beauty and transfer that knowledge to the client’s canvas. If eyes are unevenly set, how I apply eyeshadow, lashes and eyeliner will, therefore, make them appear correctly spaced. If their nose is crooked, I realign the bridge to make it even, if the face is round, I highlight and contour to make it more oval and if their lips are thin and lopsided, I line and apply color perfectly to achieve symmetry. Especially relevant, I’ll never forget what I was taught by Donna Mee when it comes to contouring the face…

Funky Chicken Gets Super Freaky Now

F – Face Shape

C – Cheekbone

G – Gravity

S – Special features

N – Nose

The bottom line, contour placement is based on taking the knowledge of corrective beauty and applying makeup to enhance features.


Makeup has changed over time but corrective beauty hasn’t. I’ve seen way too many beautiful girls making their features look far worse because they follow a trend that doesn’t fit their face structure.


I’m putting you ladies on notice. Instamakeup isn’t for everyone every day.  With the resurgence of heavy-handed contouring and more celebrity artists sharing their tips, many have started highlighting and contouring based off of someone else’s features and not their own.  Therefore, I’m going to share a few professional tips with you:

Stop contouring above your jawline because it makes your face uneven you should contour below,

Do not contour from your ear to the corner of your mouth, because it makes your face long, you should contour to the outer corner of your eye and don’t drop it below the nose,

Refrain from highlighting the tip of your nose, you are not Rudolph the highlighted Reindeer and by highlighting the tip consequently, you make your nose look longer and pointed,

Please start measuring and trimming your lashes because they need to fit the lash line

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You need to hire a professional makeup artist that’s trained in corrective beauty.  As a result, you will get a personal individualized makeup lesson.  I love Instagram…however, my most noteworthy advice is to look at Instabeauty as Inspiration and not Instruction.

Furthermore, I take bookings worldwide. Bloop!


Oh, and here is Nicole 19 years later in 2017…

2017 Nicole by Lavonne Beauty

Corrective Beauty for Nicole 2017



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