The Makeup Show LA 2017 was a phenomenal experience. Especially because it was my first time coming on board as a guest speaker for NYX Professional Cosmetics. Even more so, I was invited to see the premiere screening of Larger than Life.


The day before the show started, there was a VIP brunch I attended with a showing of “Larger than Life” a documentary on Kevyn Aucoin. I was so honored, touched and grateful that I was one of the first people to see this incredible honestly raw film. I cried 7 times. I could not stop crying. I read all of his books cover to cover when I began as a makeup artist.



However what really touched me was his relationship with Tori Amos. In 1998 I was a huge fan of her music. So when I had an opportunity to go to the MTV Music Awards as a talent escort, you can only imagine my reaction when I was waiting in line for the ladies room standing next to her. Standing next to Tori Amos! I fangirled, hard!

Do you know how she reacted? She thanked me, took my information and the next day her publicist called me and said she gave me tickets, backstage passes and an invitation to the after party of her concert that weekend.

That Monday, I dropped out of college and enrolled in Makeup School with Donna Mee. So she was pivotal in my career too. You have to see this movie if you are a makeup enthusiast, makeup blogger, makeup lover or makeup artist. You wouldn’t know anything about contouring without Kevyn Aucoin.


I was booked to be the professional makeup artist representing NYX Professional Cosmetics for two seminars at the Makeup Show. The first was Red Carpet Glitter Eyes and the second was the Kit Focus. NYX is my number one go-to brand for affordable professional HD products.

They were so generous with the amount of product they gave me, I could do a giveaway every week until the end of the year!


The quality and range of items they offer are concurrent with Make Up For Ever and MAC Cosmetics. The difference is in the price. You could build an entire Makeup artist kit for under $300!


One of my most humbling moments in my career happened upon meeting Zainab Barakat.  She told me she flew 17 hours on a flight from Bahrain in Saudi Arabia to hear me speak and had to fly back the next day. I was so touched and felt so grateful for her sacrifice. What an honor to have someone show that type of dedication to connect and learn from artists, that is true makeup love!

Zainab Barakat

So tell me if the same goes for you…it is so weird to hear my own voice!  It took me forever to actually watch and listen to the playback of my makeup application on Janel.  I am still getting used to it.


Please let me know what you think of my live demo and the final image in the comments below.  Feedback is always appreciated!


NYX red carpet glitter eye makeup demo


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